Letters & Arts enables people to communicate effectively through high-quality design.

Since 2002, we’ve served over 100,000 members in nine markets, including holiday greetings, church media, weddings, and restaurants. Each site contains vast libraries of template designs, available in whatever format is needed. Our customers create personalized messages that can be delivered via print, projection media, email, the web, mobile applications and more.

Christian Media

  • Worship Video
  • Sermon PowerPoints
  • Flyers, Bulletins

Wedding Stationery

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding Programs
  • Slideshows

Restaurant Marketing

  • Daily Menus
  • Takeout Menus
  • Special Events
  • Newsletters

Holiday Greetings

  • Greeting Cards
  • Party Invitations
  • Holiday Letters


Letters & Arts / effective communication through high-quality design

Letters & Arts enables individuals, businesses and non-profits to infuse their communications with gorgeous, professional-quality designs. Whether it’s for print, projection media, web, email, or mobile applications, we provide the design building blocks for powerful messages to friends, colleagues, customers and donors.

Our approach is niche-specific. That is, we serve different audiences with specialized sites geared to their unique design needs, communication style and imagination. We make things easy to find and relevant. We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all, we believe in identity. Letters & Arts wants to inspire people to share their identity with great passion and joy, and communicate effectively in doing so.

We currently serve nine markets, including holiday greetings, church media, weddings, and restaurants. Each site contains vast libraries of imagery, presentations, and template designs, available in whatever format is needed. For example, restaurants find ready-to-edit menus in Word and PDF format. Churches find inspirational PowerPoints, worship backgrounds and video loops. Brides find gorgeous matching sets of wedding invitations, programs, slideshows and art. Using common desktop software or our built-in editing tools, members personalize these materials and deliver as they choose.

Since 2002, we’ve served over 100,000 members at our sites. They have downloaded millions of our professional-quality designs, and transformed them into personalized messages. As we grow, we hope to keep expanding into new media, like video, ebooks and digital paper. We hope to continue breaking down the barriers between DIY and expensive professional design, helping more people and businesses easily create incredible designs, expressing their identity for their own personal, local, or global audience.


Letters & Arts is headquartered in the Great Pacific Northwest, in beautiful Ashland, Oregon. Ashland is home of the world-famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival, one of the oldest and largest repertory theaters in the United States. Quality of life - both in and out of the office - is extremely important to the hardworking individuals at our company. This is why we have situated our main office in this cultural city that is surrounded by amazing outdoor activities and tremendous natural beauty.

the latest


Letters & Arts officially split into three separate company entities.


Letters & Arts has released a new user experience with a complete new site design. The new site design is easier to use and tailored to the specific domain niche.
Take a look:


Letters & Arts has released the beta version of its online template editor for menus, greeting cards, wedding invitations and more. It eliminates the need for desktop software, doing away with font and layout inconsistencies. Instead, it delivers high-fidelity, PDF output that preserves fonts and layouts in their original design. The template editor saves all entered text, so it can be edited or reused at a later date. Also, since templates are stored on the web, personal and small business communications can be managed from any computer with a web connection.

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